Brian Gunzenhauser

Brian Gunzenhauser is an educator, front-end developer and manager. He has over 15 years experience developing websites, along with experience in UX, UI, search marketing, project management, and team management. After several years of website production experience, and with a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and development best practices, he desired to help others learn more about web technologies.

Working in education, Brian designed, authored, and taught a series of website design and development courses as a requirement of a BFA in Graphic Design at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. His students ranged from college sophomores to adults in a continuing education program, where he also designed and taught a course on HTML & CSS, and delivered it by building a custom asynchronous learning environment. He was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2016, where he still serves.

Brian currently facilitates technology sessions on code, data science, blockchain, cybersecurity, and product innovation to corporate employees of all career levels. He also currently manages a team of designers and developers in an agency environment.