Coconut Milk Yogurt

Project Type
Product Management
Date Launched
March 2018

The Background

With a growing interest in product management, I took Google up on their $150 AdWords credit and tried a non-digital experiment. After visiting New Zealand, I discovered that there was a plethora of delicious coconut milk yogurt options that we don’t have here in the United States. So I used a combination of creating personas, writing ads and displaying them in specific geographical locations, and building a landing page to test the interest in that product category. And while I had the attention of the visitors on the landing page, I also asked them which flavor they would like, just to see if I could get some feedback. The experiment worked.

I created three personas, all with distinct backgrounds, who may be compelled to purchase coconut milk yogurt.

  • Erica, a 23 year old nutritional sciences student from Newport Beach, is focused on her health.
  • Kapena, a 29 year old lifeguard in Hawaii, prefers coconut in in smoothies and wants to support local farmers.
  • Catherine, a 34 year old part-time LuLaRoe salesperson from Lancaster, PA, has a son who is lactose intolerant.

Each ad was written specifically to its persona, and only ran in the specific geographical region where that persona lived.

Each ad was written with the persona in mind.
Each ad was written with the persona in mind.

The Results

The outcome was surprising. The ads positioned to young parents in Pennsylvania did best with 45 clicks. The ads positioned to Hawaiians who wanted a healthy, local, non-GMO snack came in second with 37 clicks. And finally, the ads positioned to healthy, non-dairy consumers in California came in last with 23 clicks.

I thought for sure that the ads positioned to residents in California would have performed best, and that was an important point of this exercise. A thorough test or prototype is the best approach to see if something will stick. In this case, I do believe there is a market for more coconut milk yogurt options in the US. And while I didn’t get a ton of feedback from the landing page, I did learn that our visitors prefer strawberry as the flavor they would most enjoy.

Improving on the Research

I can think of a couple ways to improve on this. Creating more personas in different areas could help determine more specific interest in the product, and how to position it for the market. Also, setting up Google Analytics goals could be used to determine who submitted inquiries from the landing page, to get an idea of what flavors were favorites from each region.

And after all that is done, it would be time to make some coconut milk yogurt, and passing it out to friends could help provide immediate feedback on taste, texture, and flavor.

The same basic concepts apply for digital, only with less flavor.