Project Type
Date Launched
August 2015
Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group

The Background

RKL3D is a branding, marketing, and communication firm that increases visibility and growth for clients on a global scale. Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group approached me to develop a responsive website as part of a design refresh.

A desktop view of the RKL3D homepage.
A desktop view of the RKL3D homepage.
A mobile view of the RKL3D homepage.
A mobile view of the RKL3D homepage.

The Process

Being presented with a unique design, I coded a custom responsive theme to gain more control over the development process, and to reduce the bloat that can sometimes come with using an existing responsive framework. I worked closely with the designers to ensure that interactions were seamless across various devices, and provided tests to ensure the design worked as expected in various browsers. To speed things up, I utilized the Grunt JavaScript task runner to assist in minifying both CSS and JavaScript files.

I worked closely with RKL3D to ensure they were comfortable updating their new website. A screen sharing session was provided, along with detailed written documentation to guide the client through the process of updating text and images across the site.