Hello world. :)

Brian Gunzenhauser is an Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design department of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. He designed a curriculum of web design and development courses, and currently teaches those classes. Constantly keeping up with web technology comes with the territory.

For over 13 years, Brian has worked with user experience, digital marketing, and programming for a large number of public-facing websites. He primarily works as a front-end developer, yet often sees a project from concept to completion, with his hands on several aspects of the production process. Here are some of his recent projects.

Brian thinks in terms of technology and efficiency. He looks at the big picture, values effective communication, and is energized when speaking in public.

You can get in touch with Brian by contacting him via Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can also email him at brian [dot] gunzenhauser [at] gmail [dot] com.